How do Western countries celebrate the Christmas?

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When the cold winter wind comes to mix with the beat of the song “Jingle bells”, it is also time for people all over the world to prepare for Christmas.

Let’s see how Western countries celebrate Christmas.


Christmas at The United States Capitol

When the two Christmas trees in the White House and The United States Capitol are prepared and hung with colorful Christmas decorations, it is also the time when the people here complete the Christmas preparation.

On every end of November, streets from New York, Philadelphia to Washington DC is lightened with sparkling commercial centers, roadside shops decorated with Santa Claus, Christmas Advent Ring, bells…Travelling to the US on this occasion, American tourists will have the opportunity to see spectacular skating and lighting shows at the Rockefeller Center. Also, you can be with American people to light up a giant Christmas tree in front of The United States Capitol.

Besides, visitors also should not miss the opportunity to hunt for very cheap products because this season is also the time when stores in the US launch the biggest Christmas deals in the year. It is great to take this opportunity to bring your family and friends meaningful gifts on the occasion of the transfer of old and new years. It is also much easier to buy products on American e commerce sites with huge Christmas discount.


Best Christmas in France

Along with the US, France is also the most spectacular and best Christmas city in the world. It was called the “City of Love” with sweetness and romance and is likened to “the capital of light” by the magnanimity, brilliance. However, all those beauties of Paris and France are even clearer and more prominent than ever on Christmas.

You will certainly impressed by the divine Christmas in Paris with millions of sparkling lights on the Eiffel Tower and at the Notre Dame Cathedral with Christmas trees and the undulating Hymn. It must be once you arrive in Paris, visitors can feel all the ancient, magnificent beauty and just enjoy the Christmas atmosphere there.


Christmas in England

On the list of countries with the most bustling Christmas in the world, England celebrate Christmas season not as exciting as the Christmas in the US or sweet, romantic like Christmas in Paris, London of the United Kingdom brings its own beauty and charm on every Christmas.

Everything from the famous Big Ben to St. Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square or Buckingham Square also become more mysterious in the mist. Also, it is nothing more interesting than seeing the whole city from London Eyes that is call the Millennium Wheel. With the cold weather, ancient scenery, London will bring visitors an unforgettable Christmas.

In addition, this is an amazing opportunity for shopping. Because Christmas is also one of the biggest discount season. You can get all high quality products with incredible Christmas deals.


Christmas Traditions from Germany

On Christmas, throughout Germany from Berlin, Frankfurt to the idyllic countryside, people organize bustling Christmas festivals with all kinds of Christmas decorations, sparkling souvenirs. This attracts tens of millions of visitors each year.

Travelling to the German Christmas markets, it is nothing better than walking slowly along stalls to choose for yourself the best souvenirs as well as enjoy a glass of aromatic wine, hot chocolate … Visitors will feel the Christmas atmosphere in the land of “Grimms’ Fairy Tales”.


Australia's Christmas on the coast

Because the outstanding characteristics of Australia is opposed to other countries in the world. While people of other countries wear thick leather jackets for Christmas, Australians wear shorts to welcome the blinding sunshine of the Southern Hemisphere summer.

At this time, Australians often go to the coast to organize outdoor Christmas activities such as sunbathing, swimming and BBQ parties with seafood, chilled Champagne… In addition, there are many interesting and strange things only in Australia such as the scene of white kangaroos pulling sleds, Santa Claus with red hats, swimming shorts or playful tunes. This will surely make visitors excited.

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