What Is VPN And Its Benefits?

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A VPN, Virtual Private Network, allows users to set up a virtual private network with another network on the Internet. VPNs can be used to access sites restricted from geographic location, protect your browsing activity on public Wi-Fi networks by setting up virtual private networks for you, etc.

Essentially, a VPN forwards all your network traffic to thesystem – which can remotely access local network resources and bypass Internetcensorship. Most operating systems have built-in VPN support.

What is a VPN?

What is a VPN?

When connecting your computer (or other devices such as asmartphone or tablet) to the VPN, the computer will act as a local connectionlike the VPN. All network traffic will be sent through a secure connection tothe VPN.

And because your computer works on this network, this allowsyou to access local network resources even when you are on the other end of theworld.

You can also use the Internet as if you were present at thelocation of the VPN. This is beneficial in some cases if you are using a publicWiFi or want to access geographically blocked websites.

If you browse the web while connected to a VPN, yourcomputer will contact the website through an encrypted VPN connection. The VPNforwards the request to you and redirects the response from the site throughthe secure connection. If you’re using a U.S. VPN to access Netflix, Netflixwill know your connection is located in the United States.

Benefits of Using VPN

Benefits of Using VPN

Although the tool is quite simple, a VPN has many benefits:

Access Business Network while traveling: VPNs areoften used by business travelers (business travelers) to access their businessnetwork, including all network resources. Local. Local network resources arenot directly exposed to the Internet for added security.

Access the Home Network while traveling: You canalso set up a VPN of your own to access while traveling. This will allow you toaccess Windows Remote Desktop via the Internet, that is, you will be allowed toaccess your personal computer via the Internet, share files, work on homecomputer data and even play games on that computer.

Hide browsing activity from local network and ISP:If you’re using a public WiFi connection, and you browse the web on non-HTTPSsites, then your activities will be visible to everyone ( if they know how tosee your activity).

If you want to hide your browsing activity to ensuresecurity, privacy, you can connect to the VPN. The local network will only seea secure and unique VPN connection. All other traffic will be through a VPNconnection. And can be used to bypass the supervision of your Internet serviceprovider (ISP).

Benefits of Using VPN 2

Access to geographically blocked websites: Eventhough you are a US citizen, you are traveling in a country other than theUnited States and you want to access Netflix, Pandora or Hulu, this isimpossible. However, if you connect to a VPN located in the United States,access to Netflix, Pandora or Hulu is entirely possible.

– Use a VPN to bypass Internet censorship.

– Downloading files: Many users use a VPN connectionto download files through BitTorrent. This is really useful if you want todownload the entire valid Torrent – if your ISP is controlling BitTorrent andit’s quite slow, you can use BitTorrent on the VPN to experience faster speeds.


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