How to choose everyday jewelry? Best Zales Black Friday tips!

Jewelry is an important accessory to honor the beauty and personality of each person. Knowing the jewelry suitable for the face, personality and outfit will further enhance the beauty of the owner. Black Friday sale 2019 is coming, and this is the perfect time to shop for beautiful jewelry without breaking the bank. Here are the Zales Black Friday tips not to be missed so you know how to choose the jewelry.

Consistent personality

If you are a traditional type, you should choose jewelry types with a soft and classic design.
If you are a passionate person who loves fashion, you should choose jewelry that is destructive and large to create an impression.

Get these tips to choose beautiful jewelry at Zales
Get these tips to choose beautiful jewelry at Zales

Pay attention to combine jewelry with hairstyle and face shape to harmonize.

Face matching

The round face is suitable for the teardrop-shaped earrings, a long and slightly angular shape. The necklace should choose the slim strap type, light texture, slightly longer to create a sense of slimness for the face.

Triangle-shaped, heart-shaped face with pointed chin fits long, hooked earrings. Square Face fits the small earrings, close to the ear, rounded to create contrast and reduce corners.

The oval face is suitable for all earrings. If the neck is elongated, choose a hug around the neck. If the neck is a bit short, choose a long and slender form.

Choose jewelry that fit for your face and skin face
Choose jewelry that fit for your face and skin face

Match skin color

Light skin suitable for silver, diamond, pearl or white gold jewelry. Gemstones with pink, purple, blue, magenta, blue and green colors are also suitable.
Dark skin is suitable for gold jewelry; gemstones with earth tones such as gold, orange, brown.

Jewelry combination

The exquisite combination of earrings with necklaces, rings, and bracelets creates an elegant and luxurious style. If not cleverly coordinated, it is best to avoid wearing too much jewelry. Just a necklace or bracelet is enough to create a feminine look.

Jewelry colors and hair colors

Divided into two groups, the white jewelry, such as silver, white gold and platinum and the gold group as 14K gold, 18K gold.
If your hair is reddish-brown, grayish or gray, choose white jewelry.
If your hair is blond, choose yellow jewelry.

Zales Jewelry
Zales Jewelry

Jewelry color and outfit

The black dress should choose sparkling silver earrings to increase beauty.
Red dresses should choose platinum earrings with pink stones.
If you are not confident in the ability to mix colors, it is best to choose colors with jewelry.

Best Zales Black Friday sale 2019

Zales Black Friday sale 2019
Zales Black Friday sale 2019

Zales is a great destination for shoppers, as it offers plenty of options for you, whether you like sparkly diamonds or unadorned gold and silver. Founded in 1924, now they have more than 700 store locations. Zales has become an international jewelry corporation. Zales is one of the largest retail jewelers with locations in malls in North America and Puerto Rico.

Zales specializes in offering diamonds and bridal jewelry. Shoppers can find everything from basic gold wedding bands to exclusive, elaborate diamond designs from world-famous designers.

Zales offers many great deals  on jewelry on Black Friday 2019
Zales offers many great deals on jewelry on Black Friday 2019

The Zales Black Friday sale offers great deals on jewelry, so you can get tons of gorgeous pieces of jewelry for incredible prices. During our Pre Black Friday sales, you can explore the latest jewelry trends and fashion-forward jewelry styles such as layering necklaces, bolo bracelets, earring trends, and gemstone jewelry.

Moreover, the Zales Black Friday sale is a wonderful time for shoppers to pick up beautiful pieces for delighted friends and loved ones without breaking the bank. Many special deals have released before the Black Friday event.


Hopefully, with the above tips, you can choose beautiful jewelry at the best price on Black Friday. Especially, no matter your budget, Zales has options for you, and you can shop for ideas by price point, starting at under $50.

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